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Customized Ultracapacitors that are also a structural component for Spacecraft Avionics

By Katie Willgoos
June 22, 2017

Category: Ultracapacitors

Future satellite systems are projected to require power electronics and energy storage systems that are less massive and smaller than the current State of the Art. Modern CubeSats rely heavily on solar panels to provide the necessary energy for operation. Typically, Li-ion batteries are used to store energy for eclipse periods as well as provide the necessary power capabilities for substantial loads.


The size and weight requirements of CubeSats, however , limit the power capabilities of traditional Li-ion based solutions thereby... Continue reading

Tags: aerospace satelites structural

Ultracapacitors in downhole technology for Oil and Gas

By Katie Willgoos
June 22, 2017

Category: Ultracapacitors

FastCAP’s EE series of Ultracapacitors was specifically designed for the oil and gas market. Each cell is capable of 150°C operation with 20g vibration, 500g shock survival, making it the ideal cell for downhole technology. There are currently no other capacitors on the market capable of matching the high reliability and high performance of FastCAP ultracapacitors.

The EE series is used in the Ulyss EG solution for gene... Continue reading

Tags: oil and gas downhole

High Temperature Ultracapacitors for Rack Level Data Center UPS

By Katie Willgoos
June 22, 2017

Category: Ultracapacitors

Typical battery selections for UPS systems in data centers have historically been based on lead acid technologies, either flooded or valve regulated (VRLA). Both types have undesirable attributes which the end user must deal with. Flooded lead acid require provisions for spill containment and cooling, along with regular maintenance.

VRLA’s major issue has been life. VRLA batteries have

not exhibited the life promised, with typical battery life being much shorter than the advertised 10 years. On the surface lead acid batteries... Continue reading

Tags: UPS

What is a High Temperature Ultracapacitor?

By Katie Willgoos
June 22, 2017
Category: Ultracapacitors

In general, an ultracapacitor, also known as supercapacitor, or electrical double layer capacitor, is an device that stores energy through electrostatic forces rather than chemical reactions. Ultracapacitors can store much more energy than regular electrolytic or tantalum capacitors, and can provide higher power than batteries due to their lower internal resistance. Ultracapacitors are excellent devices for high power, pulsed power, and long-life applications.

A significant advantage of FastCAP's ultraca... Continue reading

Tags: supercapacitor high temperature

FastCAP Awarded NASA Phase 2 SBIR for Cube Satellites

By Katie Willgoos
June 22, 2017

Category: Ultracapacitors

FastCAP has been selected for a Phase 2 SBIR from NASA to continue the development of ultracapacitor technology for cube satellites.  The continuation of the cube satellite project will enable FastCAP technology on multiple fronts, mainly structural cell technology and space qualified cells and electronics. The satellite technology represents a unique advancement in module design and cell architecture, enabling versatile module construction that... Continue reading

Tags: award cube satellites fastcap ultracapacitor cell

FastCAP's High Temperature Ultracapacitors Enable the Lithium Free Toolstring

By Katie Willgoos
June 22, 2017

Category: Ultracapacitors

FastCAP's High Temperature Ultracapacitors enable the "Lithium-free Downhole Toolstring."  The implications on safety and handling logistics, especially in off-shore drilling operations could be far-reaching.  The Lithium-free Downhole Toolstring offers a safe, non-depleting, high power downhole power source.

Additional benefits include:

- Reduction of variable cost associated with the consumption of lithium batteries,

- Elimination of catastrophic downhole failures that cause loss of tool or loss of wellbore,... Continue reading

Tags: ultracapatitors Lithium-free Downhole Toolstring lithium batteries

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